In the Emirates ID, How Do You Change Your Mobile Number?

The Emirates ID contains all of the requisite details and can be used for a variety of purposes, including paying bills and registering cars, accessing government services etc.

When using any online service, the Emirates ID needs two-step authentication, which involves receiving a one-time password (OTP) on your phone.

The Emirates ID is the UAE citizens’ identification card or resident card; it can also be thought of as a personal account for anyone who lives in the UAE.

if you no longer have access to that UAE phone number?

Step 1: Fill in the Request Information

The first step is to go to the ICA Smart App  website and fill out all of the details the authority requires, which includes: 
Nationality: You must choose your country of origin from the dropdown menu.

EID Number: This also refers to the Emirates ID on the card’s front.

(English) Name: Enter your full name as it appears on your Emirates ID.

(Arabic) Name: This is a computer-generated name that will be translated into English when you enter your own name.

Passport No: In this area, simply enter your passport number.

Year of Birth: Enter your exact date of birth in the calendar menu.

Email ID: For all official communications, you will need to enter a valid email address of yours ( Check Sample Image below 🙂

After you’ve entered all of the above data, you’ll need to choose a country from a dropdown menu and enter the number in the next sector.
Then you must enter your address details, which includes the area, full address, local building name, local flat number, and street.
This will complete the first stage of the procedure, allowing you to proceed to the next.

Step 2: Examine Your Application

After you’ve entered all of your details, the system will display all of the data for you to review and confirm.
If you want to change something, go to Edit and make the changes you want.

You can press to continue until you’re satisfied with all of the details you’ve entered.

It’s worth noting that you can make changes to the details after it’s been sent, but this can create delays in the process because you’ll have to contact the appropriate authorities and wait for a response.

Step 3: Make a Payment

This whole procedure is not free and needs payment because it takes the authorities a long time to obtain and validate all of the records.

Since the Emirates ID is also used to make financial transactions and is expected to eventually replace the Debit Card, authorities must take precautions to ensure that no scams are perpetrated from the ground up.

The cost of updating your mobile number on your Emirates ID is Dh 152.10, and the process can be completed online to save time.
Following payment, you will be redirected to the ICA website, where you will be informed that your application has been successfully forwarded.

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