Know the Benefits of Equivalency Certificates?

equivalency certificate

Equivalency certificates are given to students who have completed their studies with a foreign university and want to study in the U.A.E to prove that they are qualified for the course they want to take.

The equivalency certificate is an official document from a foreign university that says what courses the student has completed and at what level, and is needed for admission into American universities

Many people are not aware of what an equivalency certificate is. It is a document that certifies that the holder has the same level of qualifications as someone who has a qualification from a particular country.

Equivalence of Certificates in the UAE

The process by which the ministry of education officially endorses a degree and declares the document to be equal to UAE standards is known as certificate equivalency. It usually entails two or three levels of attestations across government departments in both countries, as well as a review by an equivalency committee, following which the letter of equivalency is issued by the UAE Ministry of Education.

Why Use an Equivalency Certificate?

To apply for an Equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE, you must carefully follow a prescribed procedure for final attestation of your degree. You can be confident that it will be completed on time with the assistance GloboPrime

  1. A candidate who has completed their studies at a school, college, or university located outside of the United Arab Emirates.
  2. People who is applying for Golden Visa Equivalency certificate or MOE attestation is required.
  3. Equvialency cerificate is required for Teachers License in UAE.
  4. If you are applying for govenment jobs in UAE, you need to submit MOE approved equvialency certificate for your visa application.

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