Passengers Traveling Between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates Must Have Attested Covid-19 Certifications

Covid-19 vaccination certificates stamped by the UAE embassy and Pakistan’s foreign ministry will be required for Pakistani travelers traveling into the UAE. This is true not only for normal travelers but also for authorities and diplomats.

With effect from August 1, Pakistani passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE must now present an attested COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

To acquire your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, you must have completed the entire course of the vaccine according to the prescribed protocol and 7 days have passed.

The following is the procedure for getting a Vaccination certificate attestation from the UAE embassy in Pakistan:

Attesting documents in Pakistan could take a long time. Before final attestation, a certificate must be attested by a number of government agencies like MOFA and Notary, UAE Embassy. The stages for attesting your Vaccination certificate for usage in the UAE are outlined below.

I. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

The attestation done by other government authorities is only authenticated by MoFA Pakistan by reviewing the attestation and signature. To obtain attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the marriage certificate must be printed in Urdu or English. If you need your marriage certificate translated first, go to a government-approved translation center.

Attestation of marriage certificates is available at the Ministry’s Camp offices in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and Islamabad.

II. Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Pakistan

After receiving attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you must obtain attestation for your vaccination certificate from the UAE Embassy in Islamabad. The UAE does not accept individual attestation requests. Only recognized organizations are allowed to do so.

III. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates

You can apply for attestation from MOFA Attestation UAE after having your marriage certificate attested by the MoFA Pakistan and the UAE Embassy. This is the final step in obtaining an attestation of your marriage certificate for usage in the United Arab Emirates.