The Frequently Asked Question About Police Clearance Certificate In the UAE

The Frequently Asked Question About Police Clearance Certificate In the UAE

During the admission process in education institutes and to apply for jobs or visa applications in the United Arab Emirates, you often require good conduct/ police clearance certification. The goal of the UAE police clearance certificate is to prove that a person is not involved in any illegal or anti-social activities.

Since expatriates comprise more than half of the UAE’s population, employment is the main reason behind the demographic shift. PCC is a mandatory document needed for employment and other visas.

For you to have a clearer idea about Police clearance certificate, we’ll discuss the frequently asked question about the PCC.

  • When would I need a PCC?

If you are applying for a new position in the UAE or if you are moving overseas, you would require this document. It is becoming more common to provide PCC and background checks for your job application.


  • What documents are needed to get a PCC?

The following documents are required to get a police clearance certificate in the UAE:

  1. A valid Emirates ID card
  2. A letter from the beneficiary stating that they do not have any pending criminal convictions
  3. A recent passport-size photograph
  4. A copy of the applicant’s passport


  • Can I apply for PCC if I have left the UAE?

If you have left the UAE, you can still make an online PCC application. You would need to get your fingerprint card attested from the UAE Embassy in your home country.

A fingerprint card is an official report from the police department, which confirms your identity based on biometrics and decimal fingerprint.

For an online PCC application from a foreign country, you need the following documents:

  1. Fingerprint card approved by the UAE Embassy
  2. Two recent passport-sized photographs
  3. A copy of your valid passport
  4. A copy of your UAE visa
  5. The reason for the application


  • How much time does it take for the process to be completed?

It generally takes 3-5 days, depending on the speed of the Dubai Police Department. Also, the timeframe can vary in each Emirate.


  • Can I get assistance for applying for my PCC?

If you require your PCC from Dubai, and it is not possible for you to return, a reputable attestation service agency can help. They can apply for the clearance on your behalf, and once it is ready, they will collect it from the Police Department and have the MoFA stamp applied, before couriering it to you.

So, whether you are a student or job seeker, obtain a police clearance certificate isn’t a daunting task, but if you don’t have the time or have some issues, hire the service of certificate attestation service agency. Should you have any questions or queries or want to check the status of your police clearance certificate, contact your attestation service company.

What is Police Clearance Certificate and how can an Expats apply it from out of UAE?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) provides evidence of the criminal record of a person in the state in which the person resides. This certificate is issued by the Police Headquarters in Al Qiyada for Dubai and across the UAE and confirms that the individual is not involved in any criminal activities. Also referred to as “Good Conduct Certificate”, it is often needed while applying for admissions in universities, jobs, and visa applications in the UAE.

By submitting a police clearance certificate, an individual demonstrates that they are not involved in any anti-social and illegal activities and the certificate attests their good conduct. Recently, the UAE government has shifted many services to digital platforms in order to make these services easy, streamlined, and user-friendly. Smart Police Stations is the ultimate example of digitalization in this Arab country.

What is the need for obtaining a police clearance certificate?

A police clearance certificate is often required by the UAE nationals and ex-pats for various purposes. Whether you want to pursue admission to a foreign university or you are immigrating to another country for business or residence purposes, you will need a good conduct certificate to demonstrate your clean background. Besides, education in foreign universities and visa processing, some companies in the UAE also ask for this certificate to ensure that the person has no troubled relations with the law of the country.

How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate in the UAE?

  • You can apply for the police clearance certificate through the official website of the UAE’s Ministry of Interior.
  • Apart from the website, one can apply for a police clearance certificate by using the MOI’s app available for both Android and iPhone users.
  • Besides, you can also obtain the certificate from the MOI’s office service centers in person or with the help of a professional. These service centers are established across the UAE. To find the nearby center, you can check through the official website.
     I am a UAE national but not living there right now. Can I apply for a Police Clearance Certificate from abroad?

Yes. Individuals who are no longer living in the UAE can apply for the PCC online. You would have to obtain your fingerprint card attested from the UAE embassy in the country you are currently living in. This fingerprint card is like an official report that will be used to identify the individual based on decimal fingerprint and biometrics. You can apply online either to the UAE Ministry of Interior or Dubai Police Office.

For applying online from a foreign country, you will need the following documents:

  • Fingerprint card approved by the UAE embassy
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of valid passport
  • A copy of the last UAE visa
  • The reason for the application

You can obtain a police clearance certificate in Arabic as well as English language. You are given an option to select your preferred language when you request for a PCC in the UAE.

Do you not have enough time? You can seek the assistance of a trusted professional or company to apply for a police clearance certificate quickly and easily.