Things to Consider When Choosing Visa Consultants to Immigrate to Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination for many people. Some want to move for endless business opportunities, and others want to migrate to live with their family. When you have decided to move to Dubai, it’s time to look for the right visa class that you will need to move to the country without any restriction. There are different visa types for different purposes and people to live in the country legally.

Dependent or resident visa is the most frequently applied visa type by people who want to migrate to Dubai to live with their family. The most common dependent visa classes in Dubai are spouse visa, child visa, maid visa, and parent visa. You need to follow different guidelines and rules to apply for different visa types. A person looking for a particular visa class needs to fulfill certain eligibility criteria and submit mandatory documents.

The visa application process in Dubai is very complex, and you will need professional visa services to get your visa application approved. Working with a professional immigration or visa consultant makes the whole visa application process easy and hassle-free. It is why you need to find the right visa consultancy service provider for your needs. Here’re some tips that you can follow while searching for the best visa services in Dubai:


When looking for a visa consultant, experience is the first thing you should consider for reliable services. You can check the number of years they have been in the industry to know how they work. An experienced visa consultant has all the knowledge and skills to offer the complete range of immigration services as per your demand.  

Certification and license

Every country has a licensing and certification process for immigration visa services. You can check their license and registration number to know the level of their accreditation in the state. It ensures that they follow all the rules and regulations as per the country’s immigration policy.

Success rate

It is a very important consideration that gives you peace of mind while working with an immigration consultant. You can check their success ratio with their visa applications to determine how good they are at their services.

Service charges

Before making the final decision, it is very vital to inquire about the service charges and other fees of immigration service providers. Make sure they are charging fairly for all of the immigration services they offer and there are hidden charges for the services you avail of.


To decide whether a visa consultant is worth your money and time, take a look at their reputation in the market. You can check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials from their clients to get an idea about their professionalism and specialization. It is the best way to get recommendations and references to find the best service provider in the region.

These are some common things that you can look for while searching for the right visa services for your requirements. A professional visa consultant will help you fulfill all eligibility criteria and documentation processes as per immigration policies in the country.