Things You Should Know About Document Translation Services in Dubai

Professional document translation services are offered to translate a document from one language to another from the language experts as per the required guidelines. Document translation services become very important when you travel abroad and required to produce your local language document in the concerned country for legal or official purposes. When you travel to the UAE or another country from the UAE, you will need professional document translation services for applying for your educational programs, jobs, or any other requirement.In the UAE, document translation Dubai services can help you translate your original document into Arabic or from Arabic to any other language as per your needs. Translation of different types of documents requires a different level of expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the norms followed in the country. Typically while traveling to another country, we need to produce legal documents for various authentications and you may need translation services before producing them. Legal document translation is very different from normal translation services as it requires an understanding of legal words, tone, laws, and norms of a country for the validity of the documents.In the UAE, before the legal translation, you need to follow some standard procedures to get your documents attested from the required authority depending on the countries where the document was issued and where it will be submitted after the translation. There are two scenarios for this case:
  • If your document was issued in a foreign country and you are required to submit it in the UAE, your document needs to be attested by the UAE embassy in the respected country and then you will need MOFA attestation in the UAE from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before translation process.
  • If your document is issued in the UAE and you need to produce it in another country, you will need a stamp from the document issuing authority before MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation. This will be followed by embassy attestation from the concerned country’s embassy in the UAE before translation.
Different types of legal translations require different attestation and certification from the concerned office and authority before translation work. The whole legal translation process can be very hectic and challenging and one should always consider hiring a professional document translation services for the job. A professional agency takes care of the complete process from the attestation to the translation as per your document type. They work with a team of professionals and language experts to help you with legal translation without losing the original tone of your documents as per the regulations and norms.5 things You should look for the following qualities in a translation service provider:
  1. Do they have the cross-language expertise in both original and preferred language of translation?
  2. Do they offer attestation services before legal translation?
  3. Do they guarantee meeting your deadlines?
  4. Do they understand regulations and norms related to concerning languages and countries?
  5. Are their translation services are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice?
If you are looking for document translation Dubai services, prefer an agency that has years of experience in legal translation with greater customer satisfaction and success stories.