Why Document Attestation Is Required and What Does It Mean?

Document attestation is an essential service to authenticate your documents and certificates when moving abroad for any reason. It validates the information, signature, and stamp on your document to prove the legitimacy of your documents for official or legal purposes. Whether you are preparing for higher education in a foreign country or planning to get a resident visa to live with your spouse in another country, you need to get your documents (personal, educational, or commercial) attested from the authorized body in order to reside legally in thecountry.

Document attestation is the process of checking and validating the authenticity of your documents. During the process, you need to submit your original documents, at times also the photocopy  of the same is verified and authorized sign/stamp on the guided area. Depending on your purpose of moving abroad, you can be asked to prove the authenticity of your degree if going different documents as per the requirements. It is necessary for your visa application and approval process.

Depending on in which country you are moving and the purpose of your stay in that country, you may require document attestation services for the following documents:

  • Marriage certification
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Academic or Educational Certificates such as degree, diploma
  • Commercial documents & business contracts
  • Religious documents  
There are three types of document attestation services in India:
  1. State Attestation
  2. Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA)
  3. Embassy Attestation

State attestation is done prior to MEA attestation in the state where the document was issued. Depending on the type of document, you need to get it attested from the appropriate state body. For example, if you are looking to attest your educational document, attestation is done from the State Education Department. In case of personal documents such as marriage certificates or birth certificates, attestation is done by the authorized Administration Department of that state. MOFA or MEA attestation is done after the state attestation and embassy attestation thereafter in order to use your documents in a foreign country.

Document attestation is required when you are applying for a visa. Your visa application will be approved only when the designated officials have verified your documents. Document attestation is processed by the government-approved attestation services for the hassle-free attestation process. You can contact any attestation service provider as per your requirements to get your documents processed for the attestation through the appropriate channels.

Document attestation can be challenging and time consuming that is why you need to hire a professional service provider to do the job for you. They will pick up your document from your home and deliver it back to your doorstep after the attestation. Document attestation service providers have all the knowledge for this job and they understand the whole attestation process for different types of documents. It will make the whole attestation process easy, convenient, and time-saving.

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