Why Should You Get Your Child’s Birth Certificate Attested?

We understand the importance of official documents in our lives as parents. The birth certificate of our child is one such important document. It acts as official documentation of your child’s citizenship, identity, and date of birth. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, a birth certificate by itself could not be adequate. It becomes crucial to certify a document’s authenticity through attestation. This blog post will discuss the advantages of having your child’s birth certificate certified as well as its significance.

Providing Legal Recognition and Documentation:

Your child’s birth certificate is given legal recognition and validity when it has been attested. It confirms to authorities that the birth certificate is authentic and correctly displays the identity of your child, both domestically and internationally. This is crucial when interacting with governmental organizations, academic institutions, and immigration officials.

Facilitating Travel and Residency:

Proper documentation is necessary if you plan to travel with your child, especially abroad. Birth certificates must be attested in several countries in order to apply for a visa or to receive a dependent visa. The birth certificate’s attestation validates its veracity and facilitates easy immigration procedures, ensuring your child’s trip is trouble-free.

Enabling School Admissions:

Whether your child is attending a school in your own country or located abroad, authenticated birth certificates are frequently required as part of the admissions process. The birth certificate gains credibility through attestation, which gives educational institutions faith in the record’s validity and confirms your child’s eligibility for enrollment.

Accessing Governmental Benefits and Services:

A birth certificate that has been attested is frequently required to access numerous government services and benefits for your child. Healthcare services, social welfare programs, financial aid, and child support services are a few examples of these benefits. Your child’s eligibility for these services is ensured through the attestation procedure, which helps to confirm the birth certificate.

Securing Opportunities for Future Education:

As your child gets older, they might want to go abroad for their higher studies. Birth certificates that have been attested are essential for obtaining admission to institutes of higher learning abroad. The attestation procedure not only confirms the identity of your child but also guarantees adherence to both local and international laws.


Getting your child’s birth certificate attested is a very important formality that has great importance and significance. The attestation procedure ensures future educational opportunities, allows travel and residency, enables school admissions, grants access to government benefits and services, safeguards your child’s identity and rights, and provides legal recognition. It is essential to comprehend the particular guidelines and processes for birth certificate attestation in your nation or concerning the desired outcome. At Globoprime, our UAE attestation services play a crucial role in ensuring the validity and acceptance of your child’s birth certificate in the United Arab Emirates.