Attesting Your Marriage Certificate for a UAE Residence Visa – 2023 Guide

If you are applying for a residence visa in the UAE for your spouse, you will need to provide an attested marriage certificate. This legalization process certifies that your marriage documents are genuine and can be used for official purposes in the UAE.

Follow these key steps to attest your marriage certificate for your UAE visa application:

  1. Notarization

First, you need to get the original marriage certificate notarized in the country it was issued in. Look up notary public services near you to get this done. The notary will verify the authenticity of the document and stamp it accordingly.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuing nation must next stamp the notarized certificate. This further validates the document for international use.

  1. UAE Embassy Attestation

The UAE Embassy or consulate in your country must approve the marriage certificate after home country attestation. Submit the required forms and documentation to get the UAE embassy attestation.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

When you arrive in the country, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest the marriage certificate once more once it has the UAE embassy stamp. Submit the original documents and get the MOFA attestation stamp.

  1. Translation

If your marriage certificate is not in Arabic, an authorized translator in the UAE must translate it into Arabic. The original and translated versions will both be required.

  1. Typing Center Verification

Finally, the UAE-MOFA-attested and translated marriage certificate has to be verified and computer-typed at an approved typing center. This final step completes the attestation process.

The entire attestation procedure for marriage certificates can take up to 15 days. Make sure you account for the processing time when applying for your UAE residence visa. Also, keep photocopies of all documents at each attestation stage. Following these steps will ensure your marriage certificate is properly attested for residency in the UAE.