The Dubai Golden Visa – Your Gateway to Endless Opportunities

Dubai has long been a destination for investment, entrepreneurship, and luxury living. Now, the Dubai Golden Visa program offers investors and professionals an unparalleled opportunity to obtain long-term UAE residency and unlock the full potential of living in Dubai

What is the Dubai Golden Visa?

The UAE government introduced the Dubai Golden Visa, a long-term residency program, in 2019. It offers investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and talented individuals a pathway to fast-tracked residency in Dubai.

The key benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa include:

  • Residency validity of 5 or 10 years, renewable
  • There is no requirement for a sponsor or employer
  • Permission to stay outside of UAE for 6 months per year
  • 100% ownership of your business on the mainland
  • Ability to sponsor family members for residency
Dubai Golden Visa Requirements

To qualify for the Dubai Golden Visa, you must meet one of the following investment, entrepreneurship, or professional criteria:

  • Investors: invest AED 10 million in property or AED 100 million in public investment fund
  • Entrepreneurs – Own a UAE-based business with AED 500,000 capital
  • Professionals: hold specialized talents in medical, sciences, engineering, art, and culture
  • Outstanding Students: Achieve top grades in UAE or global universities
Why choose the Dubai Golden Visa?

Dubai offers an unmatched quality of life, a business environment, and a hub for global mobility. With the Dubai Golden Visa, you can unlock extensive benefits:

  • Tax-free living: no income, corporate or personal taxes in the UAE
  • Global connectivity: direct flights to over 230 destinations
  • Lifestyle: luxury amenities, weather, dining, entertainment, and activities
  • World-class infrastructure: advanced transportation, technology, and healthcare
  • Business hub: strategic location, free trade zones, workforce diversity

The Dubai Golden Visa is your gateway to unlocking long-term residency in this thriving global city.

Credential Evaluation for the Dubai Golden Visa
  • Educational certificates need to be attested or equivalized if they are from outside the UAE
  • The UAE government has agreements with certain countries to recognize educational credentials. Applicants from these countries may not need full equivalency.
  • For other foreign qualifications, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)/MOE handles equivalency. They will evaluate the credential and confirm if it meets UAE standards.
  • Attested documents are still required, such as degree certificates and transcripts. These need to be notarized in the origin country and then stamped by the UAE embassy or consulate.
  • Professionals applying for the Golden Visa based on skills and talents need to verify their qualifications through the MOE equivalency process.
  • There are authorized agencies that can guide applicants through the entire equivalency and attestation process for all educational or professional documents.
  • The timeline for completion can vary based on the country and type of document. Routine cases may take 2-4 weeks on average.

In summary, document attestation and equivalency are crucial steps for certain Golden Visa categories. It’s recommended to engage an agency or consultancy to ensure it is done properly based on the applicant’s specific situation.

How to Apply for the Dubai Golden Visa

Citizenship Invest is the leading consultancy for UAE Golden Visas. Our experienced advisers will guide you through every step of the application process.

We handle all aspects, including:

  • Initial assessment of your eligibility
  • Sourcing investment opportunities
  • Preparing your application
  • Liaising with government authorities
  • Securing approval and issuing your Dubai Golden Visa

Contact our advisers today to learn more about securing your Dubai Golden Visa and embracing the unlimited possibilities.