Certificate Attestation: When Do You Need Attested Documents?

Among various requirements to be fulfilled, one important thing that an individual needs to consider is the need for certificate attestation when going to the UAE. In other words, when a person from another country wants to visit the UAE, they will need to get certain documents and certificates attested through authorized government departments. Specific documentation and certification must be validated by the signature of the verifying personnel. However, attestation process comes with its own complexities. To make the whole process stress-free, you can seek the assistance of attestation agencies.


Attestation Process

Certificate attestation means the process of authenticating or legalizing required documents and certificates, such as educational degrees and certificates, non-educational documents, and commercial documents based on the purpose of your visit to the UAE. Attestation is the mandatory procedure that needs to be completed because, without attested documentation, your stay or even visit to the UAE might not be permitted by the UAE authorities.


In the attestation procedure, there are various steps included, such as notarization, HRD/state attestation, embassy or consulate attestation, and MOFA attestation.


Attestation is required for individuals from foreign countries to make an entry into the UAE in a variety of cases. Some of these are:



By getting educational documents attested, one can get a lot of things done in the UAE without any hassles. This includes securing an employment visa or labour card in the UAE to do a job in the UAE. Besides, you can also pursue higher education. Attestation of educational documents is also necessary for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists who write Ministry of Health (MOH) or Department of Health (DOH) examinations.


Buy or Sell Property

Attestation of non-educational documents is needed when you need to obtain power of attorney to get the right to sell or buy properties. Besides, you may also need attestation when applying for removal of LLC partnership when another partner refuses to extend the partnership.


Obtaining Visa

Individuals applying for any category of visa are also required to get their documents attested by the relevant authorities. If you fail to provide attested documents during visa processing, your visa application might be rejected by the authorities.


Access to Facilities

Once you have your documents attested and obtained your visa, you will find a lot of things easier in the UAE as a foreigner. With all the necessary paperwork in place, you secure your entry in the UAE as a foreigner. You will be provided complete protection and support of the embassy or consulate of your home country in the UAE. Plus, you will have easy access to education, work, residence, and other important amenities.


If you are also planning to visit the UAE for any reason, you should consult professionals about which documents you need to get attested, the cost of attestation services, and how long the attestation process will take.