What is the Procedure of Embassy Attestation in UAE?

Embassy or consulate attestation in UAE is the process of verifying personal and commercial documents for various uses such as visa applications, higher studies, company formation, and others. According to the UAE laws, documents or certificates issued by a foreign state must be attested by the designated authority before they are used in the country for official purposes. Document or Certificate attestation validates the authenticity of any certificate legally for use in the UAE.

The embassy or consulate attestation process in UAE requires seals and signatures from a number of authorities before they are considered valid as per the country’s laws. There are different types of documents that need an attestation for different purposes. It includes both personal and commercial document attestation services by the authorized departments. An individual can be asked for Embassy attestation on the following documents:

  • Education certificate attestation for higher studies
  • Birth certificate attestation for passport and visa
  • Marriage certificate attestation for the resident visa
  • Commercial document attestation for business-related services

Embassy Attestation procedure

The certificate attestation process is done by the government-authorized attestation service providers as per the rules and regulations defined by the authorities. They collect, process, and deliver documents for attestation from the embassy. They submit documents to concerned authorities to complete the attestation process as per the laws.

The embassy attestation procedure in UAE depends upon the types of documents. There are different state and federal authorities responsible to attest different types of documents such as personal, educational, and commercial documents. Legal translation is a must for all kinds of embassy attestation services in the UAE as per the laws. After the legal translation, your document is processed to the concerned departments to get the stamp and signatures.

Stage 1: If you are looking for embassy attestation for an educational certificate, your certificate will be submitted for the HRD attestation from the Ministry of Education. In the case of personal documents, home department attestation is required to process the document further for embassy attestation. If you submit commercial documents for attestation, they need to go for Chamber of Commerce attestation to initiate the process.

Stage 2: Once your document is attested from the concerned authority, it goes for the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation.

Stage 3: After MEA attestation, your document is processed to the issuing country Embassy in the UAE to get the final stamp or seal for the embassy attestation.

You are required to submit Embassy Attestation fees that vary for personal and commercial document attestation. Consulate Attestation in UAE is available for certificates and documents that are issued by foreign countries including India, the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany, Jordan, and many more. Contact GloboPrime for professional certificate attestation services as per your requirements at affordable charges.