Documents Required for Equivalency in UAE

Obtaining an equivalency certificate is a multi-step process and requires careful attention to details, getting a document attested demands expertise and a full understanding of the procedures involved.Equivalency is the process by which ministry of education officially endorse a degree and declare the document to be equal to UAE standard.Document Requirements for equivalency application
  • A copy of the eligibility to be equalized with propriety attested, and the mark sheet(transcripts) for the eligibility to be equalized.
  • A copy of the transcript record of transferred hours for each institution independently (where applicable).
  • The original letter of the embassy of the country issuing the qualification with the academic institution’s reply indicating: the authenticity of the qualification. Qualifications issued from certain countries are exempted from providing this letter (click here to review the list of the countries that are exempted from this requirement) as the Ministry corresponds the specialized authorities in these countries to get the needed information.
  • Legal translation of the certificate if issued in any language other than Arabic or English.
  • A copy of the high school certificate, duly attested (except for the cases where high school certificate is 20 years old, and in such cases, a letter of the embassy of the country issuing the high school certificate is required, indicating the authenticity of the high school certificate and its duration.
  • Proving attendance in the country of study (for students enrolled in the year 2000 and after): passport and a proof of residence (entry and exit seals for the country where the applicant studied), or a copy of the first entry to the country.
Note: All Applicants have to prepare and attest all the required university and high school certificates and transcripts before leaving their home country and/or the country in which they graduated.

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