How to Check UAE Attestation Original or Fake

The advice of experts always works. Talk to a professional to find out if the attestation on your legal document is real or fake. Confidence tricksters use seals and stamps that look like the original ones but were made by them. Because of this, it is hard for people to tell if attestation is real or not.

When dealing with the immigration department or getting a visa stamped, people often find out that the attestations on their documents are wrong.

There is no online site or tool that can tell you if a certificate attestation is real or not. The only people who can tell if an attestation on your legal document is real or not are the people who are in charge of that agency.

The attestation seal and stamp have a number that was made just for a certain document. For example, if you want to use your degree certificate in the UAE, you can get HRD attestation on it with the help of a company. Your degree’s attestation has a number that was made just for your document. So, your educational, personal, and business documents all have different attestation numbers.

The authorised agency calls the department whose signature is on your legal papers to find out if the signature on your certificate is real or not.

If you use a fake certificate to get an attestation, the law can send you to jail. Anything like this can make it harder for you to study or work abroad and hurt the reputation of your country.

Be Aware of Fake Attestation Services in UAE

Typically these fakes are gotten while presenting the reports to a forthcoming boss. Result: LIFE BAN. When a testament with a copy Attestation/Authentication seal and mark by specialists is captured, the report proprietor will be charged under the law and sentenced. The discipline is unquestionably a prison term for beguiling and cheating the Government. This is on the grounds that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is worried about the genuinity of the authentication on the record. Counterfeit confirmation adds up to hoodwinking the legislature and isn’t endured. Numerous such cases have become exposed to the Middle Eastern media.

The discipline will be given to the record proprietor and not the specialists. In addition, if these records are seized in the Middle East or Europe, it brings about an immediate LIFE BAN in all nations as movement data is shared by all the nations. In this way, your fantasies and any desires for a superior life will vanish until the end of time.

Reconsider before presenting your unique endorsements to an obscure specialist/travel organization/composing focus and so on for Attestation since when you give your unique declarations to an operator and not to archive experts, you are taking a chance with your future.


How Can I Identify a Fake UAE Certificate Attestation?

Find out who to contact at the UAE government agencies responsible for approving certificates. Verify their attestation process, including how long it takes and any quirks they may have. To what extent the signature appears too good to be true. Validate the document’s seal against your own (if you can get it).

Since we now know that verifying the authenticity of an attestation is difficult, it’s safer to not take any chances. Let’s examine some countermeasures to forgery in certificate attestation.

  1. See if the Dubai attestation service you’re considering is legitimate.
  2. Check the company out thoroughly before giving them the job.
  3. Read the online reviews and feedback from previous customers.
  4. Verify that the UAE attestation agency you choose has local presence in the certificate’s country of origin before proceeding with the process.
  5. Confirm that the company’s chosen courier service is reputable.
  6. Talk to employees to learn more about the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and level of expertise.
  7. Inquire about the costs of attestation. If the costs are extremely low, you should know better than to deal with this con artist gang.
  8. Find out which attestation firms in Dubai your coworkers, friends, and family have used by asking around.

All of the above are good ways to check if the attestation service you’re considering is legitimate. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that this method of verifying the agency is not 100% reliable. You’re just allowed to make educated guesses about them.


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