How can a Certified Translator be Helpful when Preparing to Study Abroad?

A dream of studying at a foreign university is beautiful, but preparing for the same is a big task. People often consider the obvious challenges like securing a house, opening a foreign account, learning the language, and knowing the cultural differences. But, before encountering these challenges, there are still some critical tasks that you need to handle when preparing to study abroad. You require documents to apply to the university in the language that the country accepts. And for these tasks, you will need the service of a certified translator.

People often think that its no big deal in translating a document. They will use online translating tools and print the documents in whichever language they feel like. But, unfortunately, these translated documents will be of no use. It’s because they are not certified and attested from the authorized bodies.

We will explain the process with an example:

 If you are applying for a university in the UAE from Italy, your documents must be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin. And next, it must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE. After completing these two steps, your documents are ready for translation.

It’s a legal process and can only be possible if you hire translation services in Dubai from an experienced and registered company.  

Documents to be translated for applying in a foreign university

  • Birth certificate and passport for proving your identity abroad
  • Diploma and transcripts and high school certificates for proving your academic achievements
  • Immunization card and medical reports for proving you are physically fit and ensure you are allowed to travel abroad,
  • Other documents like academic papers etc asked by the university management.

Advantages of hiring translation services

Avoids mistakes in your document- Your admission to a new academic institution won’t be possible without the proper translation of all your academic records and legal papers. And, the smallest mistake in the documentation can wreck your plan to study abroad. The certified translators work with high-level attention and sensitivity depending on your country of origin and where you intend to study and avoid the mistakes in the documents.

Correct formatting in your documents- Based on standard requirements of the foreign university, the experts under translation services ensure that your documents are correctly formatted along with the accurate translation. Besides, properly-formatted documents ensure there will be no hiccups in the admission process and with any immigration requirements.

Now you know the importance of document translation when applying for foreign universities and need of hiring translation services from a certified company to complete the process. So, instead of considering other challenges, you should focus on documents and their translation to confirm your admission to the foreign university.