You Need Attested Documents for Use in UAE – Take Help of UAE Embassy Attestation

You Need Attested Documents for Use in UAE – Take Help of UAE Embassy Attestation

You Need Attested Documents for Use in UAE

UAE Embassy Attestation is the process of authenticating the documents for use in UAE. Now you can get authenticated documents from Indian Embassy or UAE Embassy with us. We help you to get all the documents attested from UAE Embassy with ease.

The procedure to acquire the UAE embassy attestation include :

  1. Notary from the country of origin
  2. Foreign affairs attestation from the home country
  3. UAE embassy attestation
  4. Ministry of foreign affairs from UAE / MOFA attestation

The common attestation of documents includes educational certificates, business documents, government documents, and more. Attestation proves to be legal documents that allow individuals to use it in a foreign country. Apply for UAE jobs after getting the documents attested from the right place. The document attestation is mandatory for UAE, and it helps in handling multiple tasks in the Gulf nation. Businesses looking to set up a business point in the Middle East should get the documents ready before traveling to the country.

The advantage of acquiring the attestation service means that you pay proper attention to get the documents attested the right way. Such experts have knowledge of getting the documents signed by the appropriate departments. Check the site of the service provider to know more about the service. The UAE embassy attestation includes HRD attestation, MEA attestation, and public notary.

There are multiple steps involved in the attestation process, and it might not be possible for individuals to get the signings done at the correct instance. At the time of moving to the UAE from your home country, you need to have all the attested documents in your luggage for relevant use after landing. It is hard to imagine getting works done in quick time without proper legalization of the documents. The UAE embassy attestation service can be the best option to get relevant advice in the process.

Foreign countries are considering the attested documents as the original ones from the home country and thus use in as per the rules of the land. The UAE embassy attestation service helps in the verification of the documents and thus assists in getting the right advice on relevant documents. If you’re in the planning phase of traveling to the UAE, get the documents attested early for the desired results.

All to know about MOFA attestation

Attestation is the process of legalizing different kinds of documents in a quick time & verifies their genuineness. MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it is the process of obtaining a stamp from the foreign office as proof of the credibility of the documents. Individuals need an attestation for multiple needs when they travel abroad to a foreign country. It can be due to foreign education, businesses need, or for finding a better job in the other nation.

MOFA attestation is ensuring that the documents provided by the individual are true to their value and provided after careful authentication. There are no obligations that the candidate needs to be present in the country personally when the professional services are appointed to perform a particular kind of procedure. Reach out to the kind of service providers that can provide you the attested documents in no time! MOFA attestation is needed if you’re looking to travel to any developed nation for doing business or legal work.

The process of MOFA attestation includes -

Regional Level Verification

It is the early stage of the certificate verification process and it can be done with help of a notary or University from where the documents are issued. In the case of commercial documents, the Chamber of commerce needs to be contacted.

State Government Level Verification

It is the next stage where the authentication of documents is done with the help of states and are carried out by three variant organization as per the documents needed. The departments are as follows – SHD (State Home Department), HRD (Human Resource Department), and SDM (Sub-Division Magistrate). The department of SDM is independent of the state government and the legalization is carried out by authorities considered on the state level.

MEA Stamp

It is the last level of certification from the home government after which the MEA stamp can be used on the document. MEA authorization is dealing with the foreign matters of the country.


It is the type of verification carried out by the personnel of the respective country the documents are being attested for. For most nations, it is the last step of certification after the MEA.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The inbound documents are needed for obtaining the verification from the MOFA, once the authentication from the embassy is complete. MOFA is the last certificate that is carried out on different kinds of documents.

The process of certificate attestation is a long one and consumes a lot of time. To legalize the documents, one needs to complete the different levels of certification. Once the certificate attestation is done from one’s home country, the documents need to be attested from the foreign office of the respective country to legalize the documents.

Contact the right kind of professionals who are providing MOFA attestation services at a great price. Make sure that the experts are having the right contacts in the foreign office to get the attestation done in a quick time. The service provider will take care of all kinds of document verification, without the need to travel to different locations for the same.

What is Embassy Attestation and Its Significance when Planning to Move Abroad?

Today, most people want to move to foreign countries, and the reasons for it are numerous. Some of them are employment, education, running a business, residency, and much more. You have to legalize your personal, educational, and commercial documents as well as certificates from the embassy to relocate abroad.

Legalization of documents and certificates is needed, so they become legal documents in any foreign country. The main categories of documents that can be attested are educational, personal, and commercial documents. Each section includes a comprehensive list of documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of origin, etc.

Many people want to relocate to Gulf countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. And even for these countries, you need attestation.

What is Embassy Attestation?

Your certificates, issued from the Indian authorities, need attestation from the Indian embassy to become valid in the foreign country you plan to visit. Embassy attestation verifies the authenticity of your certificates. 

Embassy attestation needs MEA documents verification. In order to verify your documents, you need to provide them both original as well as photocopies. Keep in mind that affirmation at the state level comes before MEA verification, and there is a reasonable fee for attestations.

In MEA attestation, all your documents are legalized in a way acceptable to all countries that accept the Hague Convention. After the completion of this attestation, your documents will get duly stamped and signed.

Significance of Embassy Attestation

  • In today’s world, people move abroad to seek jobs, a better place to live and run a business. But first, you need to attest to various types of documents. Almost every country has an embassy in India. Embassy attestations and the requirements for the same differ from country to country.


  • It is a task carried out by a professional with precision. You must attest your documents through proper channels to deter all the hassles involves in the attestation process.


  • There are many factors that contribute to the time needed for attesting your documents. Depending upon the country you want to visit and the state from which you want to initiate the attestation, the time taken for the whole attestation process varies. Approximately, it can take from 3-4 weeks.


  • Charges for the attestation also vary. It also depends on the country, state, and the type of documents. None the less, the costs are reasonable and worth paying.

The Bottom Line

Embassy attestation is an essential process for anyone planning to visit abroad. Irrespective of the destination and purpose, you have to take all the valid documents with you. The embassy attestation process is straightforward and hassle-free only if you consult the attestation services in India.