When Do You Need a Police Clearance Certificate and How to Get it in the UAE?

A police clearance certificate (PCC) works as proof of someone’s good conduct and behaviour. It indicates that the PCC holder is free from criminal records and guarantees about his/her good character. It is an official document issued after a background check by the police to find out if there any criminal records against the applicants. It is also termed as ‘Criminal Clearance Certificate’ and ‘Good Conduct Certificate’.

The purpose of getting a police clearance certificate can be any of the following conditions where the applicant is asked to submit it to official bodies or employers for a specific purpose:

  • If the applicant is applying for vocational programs
  • In the case of immigration and visa approval process
  • On the request of the employers as a character certificate

In the UAE, the PCC is issued to people who are residing in the country to make it one of the safest countries to live. It is also issued to people who are migrating to other countries and require submitting it for the official purposes for the background check.

You can apply for PCC online as well as offline modes. You need to complete all the essential steps along with submitting the mandatory documents to the authorities for the criminal record check and approval. When we talk about criminal records, it may include conviction, arrest, criminal precedents, possibly criminal proceedings, or any other illegal offense as per the country’s rules and regulations.

You will be asked for the following document during the procedure in the UAE:

  • Completed application form as issued by the authority
  • A colored copy of applicant’s UAE identity card
  • Full set of fingerprints impressions (if required)
  • Six passport size photographs
  • A letter stating the purpose or reason to apply for Police Clearance Certificate
  • Self-Attested photocopies of your current and old passports
  • Copy of your Residence Permit/Work Permit / Dependent Pass/Appointment Letter, etc 
  • Applicant’s last residential address proof

You can get your police clearance certificate in both Arabic and English languages for the office uses. You will also need to submit a fee for the whole process that can vary depending on the language, applicant’s nationality, and place of residence. Under normal circumstances, it takes 2-3 working days to get your PCC in the UAE.

Once you get the police clearance certificate, you can get it attested from the required authorities for the legalization and validity proof for the official use. For this purpose, you can hire professional attestation services as per your requirements. PCC is an essential document for certain purposes and you can contact many service providers that can assist you throughout the procedure for easy and quick processing.