Certificate Attestation: When Do You Need Attested Documents?

Certificate Attestation: When Do You Need Attested Documents?

Among various requirements to be fulfilled, one important thing that an individual needs to consider is the need for certificate attestation when going to the UAE. In other words, when a person from another country wants to visit the UAE, they will need to get certain documents and certificates attested through authorized government departments. Specific documentation and certification must be validated by the signature of the verifying personnel. However, attestation process comes with its own complexities. To make the whole process stress-free, you can seek the assistance of attestation agencies.


Attestation Process

Certificate attestation means the process of authenticating or legalizing required documents and certificates, such as educational degrees and certificates, non-educational documents, and commercial documents based on the purpose of your visit to the UAE. Attestation is the mandatory procedure that needs to be completed because, without attested documentation, your stay or even visit to the UAE might not be permitted by the UAE authorities.


In the attestation procedure, there are various steps included, such as notarization, HRD/state attestation, embassy or consulate attestation, and MOFA attestation.


Attestation is required for individuals from foreign countries to make an entry into the UAE in a variety of cases. Some of these are:



By getting educational documents attested, one can get a lot of things done in the UAE without any hassles. This includes securing an employment visa or labour card in the UAE to do a job in the UAE. Besides, you can also pursue higher education. Attestation of educational documents is also necessary for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists who write Ministry of Health (MOH) or Department of Health (DOH) examinations.


Buy or Sell Property

Attestation of non-educational documents is needed when you need to obtain power of attorney to get the right to sell or buy properties. Besides, you may also need attestation when applying for removal of LLC partnership when another partner refuses to extend the partnership.


Obtaining Visa

Individuals applying for any category of visa are also required to get their documents attested by the relevant authorities. If you fail to provide attested documents during visa processing, your visa application might be rejected by the authorities.


Access to Facilities

Once you have your documents attested and obtained your visa, you will find a lot of things easier in the UAE as a foreigner. With all the necessary paperwork in place, you secure your entry in the UAE as a foreigner. You will be provided complete protection and support of the embassy or consulate of your home country in the UAE. Plus, you will have easy access to education, work, residence, and other important amenities.


If you are also planning to visit the UAE for any reason, you should consult professionals about which documents you need to get attested, the cost of attestation services, and how long the attestation process will take.

What is the Process of Catholic Marriage and Church Marriage Attestation in the UAE?

Are you a Christian residing in the UAE expatriate and want to get married here with a UAE resident to settle here? If yes, then you can do it in churches that are legally registered at the Dubai courts to perform church marriage ceremonies. You can marry in nine catholic churches across the UAE with your partner as per the catholic rituals. To get married and settled in the UAE, you have to do it as per the country’s laws and get a marriage certificate that should be MOFA attested for further processing.

Criteria for church marriage in the UAE

  • One spouse must be roman catholic (either of them)
  • One spouse must be a UAE resident (either of them)
  • The minimum marriage age for a woman is 18 years
  • The minimum marriage age for a man is 21 years

So if you are looking for church marriage attestation to live with your spouse legally in the country, you have to produce some legal documents to arrange your marriage in a church. As per the laws here, you will be asked to produce the following documents in original to get married in a UAE church.

  • Baptism certificate of both spouses
  • Confirmation certificates
  • Emirates ID document
  • Passport copy with UAE visa
  • Civil marriage certificate
  • NOC letter from the Church
  • Prenuptial inquiry form
  • A birth certificate and a letter from the embassy if either of the spouses is not catholic
  • Passport-size photographs of each.

Once you have produced the above documents, intent to marry will be posted at the concerned church, and you can marry on the scheduled date. You will also need two witnesses aged over 18 to certify your legal marriage to get your marriage certificate. After the marriage, the bride, groom, and witness will have to sign essential documents to get the marriage certificate. Your church will issue three copies of the marriage certificate in the English language for the further church marriage attestation process.

Once you have received your marriage certificate, you have to get it attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for your resident visa in the country and other legal documentation. Before the attestation process, you will have to translate your marriage certificate into the Arabic language from a professional translation company. Once you are done with this, you will have to submit your produce your marriage certificate in the Dubai court with the mandatory documents for verification. You will need the following documents:

  • All three original marriage certificates
  • Translation copy in the Arabic language of your marriage certificate
  • Copies of passport and visas
  • Copies of Emirates ID proof

You will also need all the documents in original with you for the notary verification. Once your marriage certificate gets verified, make the payment for the notary verification fee to get your marriage certificates stamped. You will receive court stamping on two of your marriage certificates for the attestation processing.

After the court verification, you will have to get the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) stamping on both certificates before the MOFA church marriage attestation. After this, you are ready to register your catholic marriage at the relevant embassy depending on your nationality to get your MOFA attestation done.

The marriage certificate attestation process can be challenging and time-consuming. A professional attestation services company can assist you throughout your church marriage certificate attestation process with legal guidance and support. The whole marriage certificate attestation process can take about two working days, and an expert can help you save a lot of time and energy.

Your Basic Guide to Death Certificate Attestation

It is mandatory to get a death certificate of the deceased family member in each of the emirates in the UAE. First, you have to report the death of the person to the authorities. If you are unavailable, your family member or relative can also report the death. However, if death happens at a hospital, then the death is reported by a medical practitioner. Then, the authorities issue the certificate with the mention of the date and time of the death, cause of death, place of death, and other important details. 

When do I need a death certificate of the deceased family member in the UAE?

A Death Certificate is useful in various legal processes. But, before that, you need to go for death certificate attestation because it is necessary in the UAE. Important documents like birth certificates and death certificates are required to be attested because attestation helps eliminate all the clouds of doubt associated with the authenticity of the documentation. Such authentication is also a legal requirement for all foreign-related processes. 


You might need the death certificate attestation for several purposes, such as:

  • When you are the beneficiary of the insurance and you need to claim
  • In legal procedures
  • Settlement of property benefaction or ownership

What documents will I need for death certificate attestation?

  • Original copy of the death certificate of the deceased family member
  • Copy of the passport of the deceased member if applicable
  • Declaration form
  • Power of attorney if asked

What is the procedure of death certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE?

Standard steps included in the process of death certificate attestation, followed in India for your Dubai visit, stay, or residency, are as follows:

  1. Legal Translation of the Original Certificate (If required)

If the death certificate or any supporting document is not in English, it needs to be legally translated before the attestation process. Always use the translation with the original certificate. 

  1. Notary Attestation

The first step of attestation starts with attestation from a notary as it is the regional level authority. You will need to get the signature and stamp from Notary Public on the death certificate and it can be easily found in district court premises or around government offices. 

  1. State-Level Attestation

Now, you need to get the stamp and signature from the State Level Officer who could be a Sub-Divisional Magistrate or the State Home Ministry. 

  1. MEA Attestation

Now, the death certificate needs to be verified and attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the concerned officer sees the stamps and signatures from the notary and state-level authority and assures that the certificate is genuine, an MEA stamp is placed on the death certificate. 

  1. UAE Embassy Attestation

After the MEA attestation, all documents, including death certificates, are presented to the UAE Embassy. They will verify your application with the concerned authorities before attestation. 

  1. MOFA Attestation

This is the final step of any document or certificate attestation process for the UAE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is responsible for further attestation process. Once the death certificate is verified by the MoFA, the death certificate is deemed to be genuine anywhere in the UAE. 

To make your attestation process easier and exhaustion-free, hire a reliable attestation service provider as they are skilled with the process and know all the points where people usually make mistakes. They ensure that the process followed for death certificate attestation is accurate. 

When Do You Need Embassy Attestation And Why Is It Important?

Attestation is the process of validating the authenticity of a document before producing it to any authority for any official or legal purpose. It is done through various stages of the attestation process by different authorities at different levels before producing your document for the final stage of embassy attestation. It provides legitimacy to your documents in a foreign country when you travel abroad for different purposes.

Embassy attestation is done by the respective embassy /consulates in your country with the sign and stamp after the state and MEA attestation. Depending on your purpose of visit and visa type, you will need embassy attestation services for the following document:

  • Birth certificate
  • Education certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Professional documents
  • Work experience certificates
  • Company/Business documents, etc.

You will need embassy attestation when:

  • You are migrating to a foreign country to live with your family or spouse and applying for the family/resident visa for the same. You will need to get your birth certificate or marriage certificate attested from the respected embassy of the country where you are moving.
  • You are migrating to a foreign county for your higher studies; you will need embassy attestation for your educational certificate and other important documents for the official use. You will need this to apply for your student visa.
  • You are setting up a new business abroad or applying for a work visa for your employment in a foreign country, you will be required to get your commercial/business/experience documents attested from the authorities for the legitimacy in a foreign country.
  • You are visiting a foreign county for a medical reason; your medical certificates and other related documents should be attested by the respected embassy in order to get your visa.

 There are many other purposes when you will need embassy attestation services for visa application when going abroad. Here are some reasons why embassy attestation is important:

  • Embassy attestation is important for your visa application process to authenticate your documents submitted for visa approval in respected categories. Your visa application will be approved only when your documents have been verified and attested by the respected authorities.
  • It is important to avoid any type of travel obstruction and legalize your stay in a foreign country for your purpose.

When you are looking for embassy attestation UAE, you have to go through a time-consuming and complex attestation procedure.  It is processed by the government-approved attestation services as per your requirements. The attestation service provider picks up your document from your place and delivers it back to you after the attestation by following the whole process. Professional