All to Know About MOFA Attestation

All to Know About MOFA Attestation

Attestation is the process of legalizing different kinds of documents in a quick time & verifies their genuineness. MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it is the process of obtaining a stamp from the foreign office as proof of the credibility of the documents. Individuals need an attestation for multiple needs when they travel abroad to a foreign country. It can be due to foreign education, businesses need, or for finding a better job in the other nation.

MOFA attestation is ensuring that the documents provided by the individual are true to their value and provided after careful authentication. There are no obligations that the candidate needs to be present in the country personally when the professional services are appointed to perform a particular kind of procedure. Reach out to the kind of service providers that can provide you the attested documents in no time! MOFA attestation is needed if you’re looking to travel to any developed nation for doing business or legal work.

The process of MOFA attestation includes -

Regional Level Verification

It is the early stage of the certificate verification process and it can be done with help of a notary or University from where the documents are issued. In the case of commercial documents, the Chamber of commerce needs to be contacted.

State Government Level Verification

It is the next stage where the authentication of documents is done with the help of states and are carried out by three variant organization as per the documents needed. The departments are as follows – SHD (State Home Department), HRD (Human Resource Department), and SDM (Sub-Division Magistrate). The department of SDM is independent of the state government and the legalization is carried out by authorities considered on the state level.

MEA Stamp

It is the last level of certification from the home government after which the MEA stamp can be used on the document. MEA authorization is dealing with the foreign matters of the country.


It is the type of verification carried out by the personnel of the respective country the documents are being attested for. For most nations, it is the last step of certification after the MEA.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The inbound documents are needed for obtaining the verification from the MOFA, once the authentication from the embassy is complete. MOFA is the last certificate that is carried out on different kinds of documents.

The process of certificate attestation is a long one and consumes a lot of time. To legalize the documents, one needs to complete the different levels of certification. Once the certificate attestation is done from one’s home country, the documents need to be attested from the foreign office of the respective country to legalize the documents.

Contact the right kind of professionals who are providing MOFA attestation services at a great price. Make sure that the experts are having the right contacts in the foreign office to get the attestation done in a quick time. The service provider will take care of all kinds of document verification, without the need to travel to different locations for the same.

Passengers Traveling Between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates Must Have Attested Covid-19 Certifications

Covid-19 vaccination certificates stamped by the UAE embassy and Pakistan’s foreign ministry will be required for Pakistani travelers traveling into the UAE. This is true not only for normal travelers but also for authorities and diplomats.

With effect from August 1, Pakistani passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE must now present an attested COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

To acquire your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, you must have completed the entire course of the vaccine according to the prescribed protocol and 7 days have passed.

The following is the procedure for getting a Vaccination certificate attestation from the UAE embassy in Pakistan:

Attesting documents in Pakistan could take a long time. Before final attestation, a certificate must be attested by a number of government agencies like MOFA and Notary, UAE Embassy. The stages for attesting your Vaccination certificate for usage in the UAE are outlined below.

I. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

The attestation done by other government authorities is only authenticated by MoFA Pakistan by reviewing the attestation and signature. To obtain attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the marriage certificate must be printed in Urdu or English. If you need your marriage certificate translated first, go to a government-approved translation center.

Attestation of marriage certificates is available at the Ministry’s Camp offices in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and Islamabad.

II. Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Pakistan

After receiving attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you must obtain attestation for your vaccination certificate from the UAE Embassy in Islamabad. The UAE does not accept individual attestation requests. Only recognized organizations are allowed to do so.

III. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates

You can apply for attestation from MOFA Attestation UAE after having your marriage certificate attested by the MoFA Pakistan and the UAE Embassy. This is the final step in obtaining an attestation of your marriage certificate for usage in the United Arab Emirates.

The Need and Importance of Attestation Services in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the business capitals of the world & every year thousands of individuals are traveling to & from Dubai for different business needs. You need attestation of documents to verify the original documents and academic certificates from the concerned authorities. Attestation is the process to assess & verify the official documents to check their legitimacy & can be used for legal purposes. All your documents need to be attested the right way to avoid any sort of legal hurdle in the foreign country.

The document attestation of all kinds in Dubai is done by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The procedure is meant to confirm the validity of the seal & signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad. It is the kind of service that is providing businesses to go for expansion in foreign countries or comply with some local regulation of the land. The UAE Missions abroad include the attestation of regular documents issued within & outside the UAE. It includes medical, marriage, divorce, education certification, power of attorney, & more. Reach out to the attestation services in Dubai for getting the attested documents in a quick time.

The attestation services in Dubai include –

The best way to get the documents attested after moving to the UAE will be to contact the local attestation services in Dubai. Pick the right kind of service provider with the experience of attesting all kinds of documents & with expert team assistance the individuals can rest assured of getting the documents attestation services with high-level professionalism. Have you set up the business in Dubai & looking to expand the business in other states of the Middle East? Get the attestation done in the UAE with the help of expert attestation service providers.


There are two categories of documents that require attestation – educational & non-educational documents. The samples of non-education certificate attestation include marriage certificates, the establishment of an agent, partnership withdrawal, clearance certificates, & an individual’s maid contract. All the documents get attested with varying timelines & it depends on the procedures followed by the country when it comes to attestation.


Attestation of documents is needed to get the visa for the foreign country & it is issued only after the officials are satisfied with the details. The attestation of the educational documents & corporate

UAE Facilitate New Online Service for MOFAIC Attestation of Individual and Business Documents

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation solutions for documents consisting of invoices, bank statements, Passport copy, and diplomas/degree issued both within the UAE as well as abroad also

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) said individuals could currently get digital attestation solutions of both industrial and personal documents by seeing its website or using its mobile application, reported news agency WAM.

MoFAIC provides attestation solutions to confirm different sorts of certifications including diplomas and invoices.

These services guarantee the credibility of these documents, irrespective of whether they are provided in the UAE or abroad.

All applications will be evaluated as well as accepted online as well as the costs are accumulated upon fulfilling the needed requirements, the most crucial of which is to make certain that they have been recognized by the pertinent authorities prior to looking for the solution.

MoFAIC has actually teamed up with Emirates Article to pick-up and provide the physical duplicates of the document, without needing the candidates to go to a Consumer Joy Centre.
Consumers will just be required to schedule a pickup for an added Dhs40 cost by calling 042394809.
The officials included that customers can likewise go to among the 5 attestation centers throughout the UAE, as well as must lug with them the original files and the payment receipt.
In Abu Dhabi, the MoFAIC attestation facility lies at the Yas Tasheel Centre in Mussafah.

In Dubai, consumers can visit the MoFAIC attestation centers in Al Tawar Centre– Al Tawar location 2, the Service Centre 1 in Emirates Towers, or the workplace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as International Collaboration in Dubai in the Consulates neighborhood– Bur Dubai.
In Sharjah, the MoFAIC attestation center is located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the document has been stamped by MOFA, the document can then be legally translated into Arabic and stamped by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to say that the translator is legally appointed.

Certification attestation in Dubai is made hassle-free by GloboPrime visit … We offer a wide range of attestation services in Dubai, UAE to our clients

Educational and Professional Certificates such as:

  • Degree Certificate Attestation (Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate)
  • High-School Certificate Attestation (GCSE British curriculum, CSE, IGCSE, GRADE 12,)
  • Professional Degree Certificate (Diploma, Membership, Associate, Masters etc)
  • Equivalency Certificate

Personal Identification Documents such as:

  • Birth, Marriage, Death or Adoption Certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI) sometimes referred to as a Nulla Osta
  • Passport or Driving License

PCC / Criminal Records Checks such as:

  • Criminal Records Check (CRB) from UK, UAE, Saudi, etc
  • Police Clearance Certificate Retrieval
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Fingerprints / Biometric attestation from UAE emabassy

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Certificate Attestation: When Do You Need Attested Documents?

Among various requirements to be fulfilled, one important thing that an individual needs to consider is the need for certificate attestation when going to the UAE. In other words, when a person from another country wants to visit the UAE, they will need to get certain documents and certificates attested through authorized government departments. Specific documentation and certification must be validated by the signature of the verifying personnel. However, attestation process comes with its own complexities. To make the whole process stress-free, you can seek the assistance of attestation agencies.


Attestation Process

Certificate attestation means the process of authenticating or legalizing required documents and certificates, such as educational degrees and certificates, non-educational documents, and commercial documents based on the purpose of your visit to the UAE. Attestation is the mandatory procedure that needs to be completed because, without attested documentation, your stay or even visit to the UAE might not be permitted by the UAE authorities.


In the attestation procedure, there are various steps included, such as notarization, HRD/state attestation, embassy or consulate attestation, and MOFA attestation.


Attestation is required for individuals from foreign countries to make an entry into the UAE in a variety of cases. Some of these are:



By getting educational documents attested, one can get a lot of things done in the UAE without any hassles. This includes securing an employment visa or labour card in the UAE to do a job in the UAE. Besides, you can also pursue higher education. Attestation of educational documents is also necessary for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists who write Ministry of Health (MOH) or Department of Health (DOH) examinations.


Buy or Sell Property

Attestation of non-educational documents is needed when you need to obtain power of attorney to get the right to sell or buy properties. Besides, you may also need attestation when applying for removal of LLC partnership when another partner refuses to extend the partnership.


Obtaining Visa

Individuals applying for any category of visa are also required to get their documents attested by the relevant authorities. If you fail to provide attested documents during visa processing, your visa application might be rejected by the authorities.


Access to Facilities

Once you have your documents attested and obtained your visa, you will find a lot of things easier in the UAE as a foreigner. With all the necessary paperwork in place, you secure your entry in the UAE as a foreigner. You will be provided complete protection and support of the embassy or consulate of your home country in the UAE. Plus, you will have easy access to education, work, residence, and other important amenities.


If you are also planning to visit the UAE for any reason, you should consult professionals about which documents you need to get attested, the cost of attestation services, and how long the attestation process will take.

How to Get Degree Certificate Attestation; What Essential Things You Need to Know?

Most people dream of working in a multinational company and living a comfortable life abroad. This is because it helps you to build your career better. Although relocating to a foreign destination may seem exciting, it can be a really daunting and hectic task, and your troubles begin with certificate attestation.

Document certification is mandatory, and you may have trouble getting your document attested; therefore, it is better to opt for professional assistance. There are plenty of companies providing certificate attestation services, and it will be better if you hire their services.

How to Get Degree Certificate Attestation

Why is Degree Certificate Attestation Essential?

Education documents, especially degree certificates, are needed for several purposes abroad. Degree certificate attestation means proving the authentication of your degree documents. Degree certificates are documents showing your educational qualification.

The college or university from where you have completed your degree will issue the degree certificates. So, if planning to move abroad for work or education, you should get your degree certificates attested.

Attestation on the degree certificate will prove that you have completed a particular course under a university and the certificate is genuine. Remember, attestation will help your migration easier without any obstacles. If you wish to use your degree certificate in the country you want to relocate, you should get them attested.

What are Degree Certificates Used for:

  • For higher education in any foreign country
  • The degree qualification of the employee is crucial to get a job abroad.
  • It is essential for acquiring a visa.
  • It is also used for migration.

What is the Procedure of Degree Certificate Attestation?

  1. HRD Attestation

The first step of the degree attestation is the HRD attestation. You have to get your educational document from the place it was issued.  HRD will verify the certificates with the concerned university or college and then authenticate them with an official stamp and signature.

  1. MEA Attestation

After that, your degree will be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The MEA might take a day or so to attest the original copy of your document.

In case the document turns out to be forged, the ministry will seize the certificate, and they will impose fines and penalties on the applicant.

  1. Embassy Attestation

Eventually, your degree certificate will be attested by the Embassy of the respective country you are planning to relocate to. The Embassy will only accept a document for attestation if it is verified and authenticated by the other authorities.

For an easy and hassle-free attestation, work with a professional and reputable company. You can find plenty of companies offering attestation services in the UAE. Seeking expert help for reliable and error-free work is always better.

Advantages of Hiring a Legal Translation Service for Your Translation Project

The words you convey mean everything when you work in the legal field. Due to this, it is important that every legal translation word has to be accurate and conveys your message correctly. In such cases, legal translation services come in handy to provide the accuracy and reliability you deserve.

There are many foreign documents that require to be translated within the norms and laws of the respective country’s criminal and civil systems. Apart from these, many businesses require their documents to be translated too from time to time. So, by hiring the services of a legal document translation company, you tend to make everything easier for you.

There are a number of benefits of hiring a professional legal document translator, and some of the significant ones are mentioned below.  


One of the most significant benefits of hiring the best document translation services is that these professional translators tend to keep the content of the documents between them and you alone. You would not have to worry about getting your personal and private documents leaked somewhere.


Apart from the confidentiality that a legal translator provides you, they also tend to give you the advantage of having fluent skills in the language that you require your documents to be translated into. These professional translators tend to have immense knowledge of the legal terminology to use so that they know the correct terms to use in appropriate places.

Different types of documents

Whether you want some business documents to translate, or some legal ones, or even write a translated version of your application for any purpose, you can always count on these professional translation services.

Cultural differences:

When you wish to have your document translated, you would also want the translation to be culturally fruitful appropriate to the language and place. Simply translating the content does not signify that the message would be the same for a totally different culture. So, a professional translation service would be able to break down this barrier of cultural difference and provide you with enough capability and knowledge to translate the content effectively keeping in mind the audience or readers you are trying to reach.

Certified quality:

It could be difficult to find the time and the energy to focus on extra qualities that can make your business grow and b successful. By giving your translation projects to certified translators, you are likely to get quality translation services in Dubai from these professionals.

So, these were some of the many benefits you are bound to get if you invest in a professional translation service. However, it is necessary that you choose a reliable and experienced translation service in order to avail these benefits.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Certificate Attestation Service Provider

Back in the days, only a few people migrated abroad. But now, moving to another country in search of a job, higher education, or for a better lifestyle has become quite common.

Most of the people are now migrating towards the Middle-East, especially, UAE. That’s because the country offers a large number of jobs in various sectors.

For authentication purpose, you need attested documents, apart from valid visa and passport.  Attested documents are mandatory to get work permit abroad.

Certificate attestation is a very complex process. You need to attest the documents to verify its authenticity. Procedures like HRD attestation, Ministry of External Affair attestation and embassy attestation are required for getting your documents attested. Other than HRD, MEA and Embassy, you are also required to get Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from the country that you intend to travel.

As said above, the attestation services are complex and procedures where you have to go through difficulty of moving to different departments to get your certificate attested. If you are not aware of the procedures involved in certificate attestation, don’t worry, you’re not alone, most of the people face the same issue. Another problem is the presence of fake attestation agencies who charge an arm and a leg in money for certificate attestation.

But when you hire a trusted certificate attestation service provider, you don’t need to worry about anything regarding the attestation process. These service providers can help you to get your certificates attested without any hassle. They also look after the safety of your documents and help complete all the formalities within a limited time.

When hiring a certificate attestation service provider, here are some of the qualities that you need to look for.

  • Hassle-free Service

A reliable certificate attestation service provider should offer you quick and hassle-free services, and at a reasonable price. They should also ensure the completion of the process within the time limit.

  • Excellent Track Record

Before hiring, you should go through the customer reviews of the certificate attestation agency that you are considering. The certificate attestation provider must have an excellent track record. It can give you an insight into the agency and the credibility of the agency among the general public.

  • Tracking of Documents

A trusted certificate attestation service provider can help you to track your documents. They should also provide status and updates of the documents given for attestation.

  • Knowledgeable Staffs

A well-known certificate attestation agency has experts who have in-depth knowledge regarding every aspect of the attestation process. Therefore, they can better guide you regarding the attestation process.

  • Customer Support

An attestation service agency must have excellent customer care service for their customers. Also, customer care should be accessible to you through various channels.

To get the most reliable service, consider the agencies that are exclusively into attestation and apostille services.

The Complete Procedure of MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is the final step of all certificate attestation procedure. Every country has its own set of rules and procedures when it comes to MOFA attestation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for dealing with matters of foreign policy and international relations. Thus, when a person applies to visit a foreign country, MOFA has to reject or accept the application for a visa based on whether the applicant is meeting all eligibility criteria or not. In the UAE, the MOFA attestation means proving that the documents submitted by you are authentic.

Seeking the assistance of an attestation agency

We understand that the complete procedure of getting your documents attested is too complicated and taxing. Thus, getting the assistance of an attestation agency makes more sense. However, you should keep in mind that you should not hire just any attestation agency or service provider. The foremost thing to check is whether the attestation company is ISO certified and approved by the concerned authorities. 

Many attestation companies claim to be the best to lure customers. But, unless you get the assurance that the company is certified and recognized, you should not risk providing your valuable documents for attestation, no matter how urgent it is. Once you lose your documents due to the selection of a non-reliable attestation company, then the urgency won’t matter at all. 

So, whenever you wish to travel abroad for higher studies, employment or other purposes, hire a certified attestation service provider. 

How does MOFA Attestation work?

To get your documents attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, first, you need to go through the following steps. 

  1. HRD/Notary/Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Based on the type of documents, the initial process of attestation varies.

  • For educational documents, you need to submit your documents to the HRD of the concerned state.
  • For personal documents, you will need notary attestation.
  • In case you are going to another country for the purpose of setting up a business, you will need to submit the documents to the Chamber of Commerce for attestation. 
  1. MEA Attestation

The next step is to submit your documents for attestation to the Ministry of External Affairs. For MEA attestation, there are two processes.

Apostille attestation is required for countries that are members of the Hague Convention. If you are traveling to a country that is a Hague member, you will need only one attestation to prove the authenticity of your documents.

For rest, you will require normal attestation. 

  1. Embassy Attestation

Once the steps of HRD attestation and MEA attestation are completed, the documents should be submitted to the embassy of the migrating country in your own home country for further verification.

For some countries, this step is not necessary. After MEA attestation, you are allowed to apply directly for MOFA attestation. 

Once you complete all these steps, then you can apply for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation. Only after completing this step, the applicant is allowed for admission grant, work permit, or join a company in another country. 

How Can a Certified Translator Be Helpful When Preparing to Study Abroad?

A dream of studying at a foreign university is beautiful, but preparing for the same is a big task. People often consider the obvious challenges like securing a house, opening a foreign account, learning the language, and knowing the cultural differences. But, before encountering these challenges, there are still some critical tasks that you need to handle when preparing to study abroad. You require documents to apply to the university in the language that the country accepts. And for these tasks, you will need the service of a certified translator.

People often think that its no big deal in translating a document. They will use online translating tools and print the documents in whichever language they feel like. But, unfortunately, these translated documents will be of no use. It’s because they are not certified and attested from the authorized bodies.

We will explain the process with an example:

 If you are applying for a university in the UAE from Italy, your documents must be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin. And next, it must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE. After completing these two steps, your documents are ready for translation.

It’s a legal process and can only be possible if you hire translation services in Dubai from an experienced and registered company.  

Documents to be translated for applying in a foreign university

  • Birth certificate and passport for proving your identity abroad
  • Diploma and transcripts and high school certificates for proving your academic achievements
  • Immunization card and medical reports for proving you are physically fit and ensure you are allowed to travel abroad,
  • Other documents like academic papers etc asked by the university management.

Advantages of hiring translation services

Avoids mistakes in your document- Your admission to a new academic institution won’t be possible without the proper translation of all your academic records and legal papers. And, the smallest mistake in the documentation can wreck your plan to study abroad. The certified translators work with high-level attention and sensitivity depending on your country of origin and where you intend to study and avoid the mistakes in the documents.

Correct formatting in your documents- Based on standard requirements of the foreign university, the experts under translation services ensure that your documents are correctly formatted along with the accurate translation. Besides, properly-formatted documents ensure there will be no hiccups in the admission process and with any immigration requirements.

Now you know the importance of document translation when applying for foreign universities and need of hiring translation services from a certified company to complete the process. So, instead of considering other challenges, you should focus on documents and their translation to confirm your admission to the foreign university.